6 Best Hotels To Spend Your Wedding Night In Melbourne

Planning a wedding can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t end with the last dance. Where you spend your first night as a married couple can be just as hard a decision as picking the right venue. If you are a romantic in search of the perfect venue to create the atmosphere of love, romance, excitement, and intimacy, this blog post is for you!
These are our top 6 picks when it comes to booking your wedding night in Melbourne:

1. Crown Towers

The name Crown is synonymous with opulence, wealth, and a high-roller status, but a night at the Crown Towers is not reserved for foreign real estate tycoons, actors, or financial elites. If you are looking for a location that leaves you feeling elegant and classy while staring at the stunning city skylines, this is the location for you.
If you decide to spend more than a night, the location offers the best in fine-dining options. A stone throw from Michelin star restaurants, and some of the finest cocktail bars in the world.

2. Adelphi

If you are after something to top of the main course – being the venue you pronounced to the world “I Do!” – Adelphi undoubtedly gives off those creatively sexy desert vibes. Candy shaped furniture and creatively designed layouts, the Adelphi experience will bring out your desires and leave you feeling a tad bit more adventurous.
If you are after a modern twist on urban decadence the Palatial suite might be the option for you, and with 24 hour room service you can stay in intimately attached without needing to leave for meals or bubbles.

3. Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

Minimal, sleek, and exuding a feeling of power & lustful decadence. An Imperial Suite experience will leave you feeling in the mood to play out your most exciting fantasies (hush hush… no one but you here, it’s ok to talk about your wedding night fantasies). Located in the heart of Melbourne’s “playground for the rich,” the Sofitel offers an experience of power, a feeling of play without financial boundaries. If decadent excess is something you have reserved for your romantic fantasies the Sofitel experience will leave you feeling sexy, powerful, and sophisticated. Spend a night as Melbourne’s newest power couple, sipping whiskey and cocktails before spending a night overlooking Melbourne’s skyline.

4. Hotel Windsor

Founded in 1883, this hotel exudes old world sophistication and power. If you are keeping along the lines of a classic wedding feel Hotel Windsor is your best way to end the celebrations with family and friends, and begin your celebrations as a married couple. Thoughts of 1920’s excess or Gatsby themed endless parties comes to mind. With plenty of red carpeted floors, polished wooden surfaces, winding stairwells, and leather bound chairs the Windsor will leave you feeling desired, and sexy, with a sense of old-world style.

5. The Coppersmith

From old-world excess to a modern sense of style, The Coppersmith offers a more intimately introverted experience. Located in South Melbourne, this quietly sophisticated hotel is perfect as an escape from the loud & boisterous undertones of Melbourne CBD. Find yourself blissfully transported into the perfect urban oasis, staring into the eyes of everything that matters to you on your wedding day. Fall into a luxurious, but quietly simple, experience of love.

6. The Langham

No wedding night hotel list would be complete without The infamous Langham Hotel. Located on the shores of the Yarra river overlooking the old-world modern hybrid architecture of Melbourne’s CBD, the Langham is somewhere but nowhere at the same time. It’s luxurious 5-star suites offer a bespoke customer experience, as you explore your unique love with one another. As you glide down the marble lined stairwells exiting the hotel, find yourself transported into an experience of impeccable hospitality and timeless elegance in a superb location on the Southbank Promenade.

There are so many romantic hotels in Melbourne, no doubt there will be one that stands out to you as you continue your exploration of post wedding planning. You can use our short list as a starting point!

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