5 Reasons You Should Invest In A Wedding Album

Your wedding day is likely going to be one of your top 5 most memorable moments of your life!
Yes! I totally understand that your wedding day is also a financial investment, and you likely have a budget which needs to be followed. The beauty of a budget is that you choose how to allocate it.
My goal here is to explain why allocating an amount to invest in an album carefully designed by a professional photographer, and printed by a world class print shop, is in your best interest.
Here at Visual Tales we believe whole-heartedly that an wedding album is one of the best investments you will make. Memories of your love story that will last a lifetime!

Reason 1

Wedding albums tell your love story in a way that nothing as can.
You may choose to hang beautiful prints on your walls, and don’t get me wrong these are beautiful reminders of your love for one another, but individual prints don’t tell the story like an album can. Flipping through the pages of your beautifully designed wedding album enables you to relive each moment of the day. From the laughter over champagne and make-up with your best friends, to the butterflies you felt in your stomach during your walk down the aisle. Albums let you feel and experience all those emotions from the day in a way that nothing else can.

Reason 2

A wedding album is a physical reminder of when your life together began. A series of memories that can be built upon as your family grows from 2 to 3, 4, or more. Time does not wait for you or anyone else, but it can be remembered. A professionally designed album will allow your lifetime of memories to be passed on through each generation. Gently reminding you, and your family, of what held you together through any challenges the universe sent your way – a reminder of how powerful love can be.

Reason 3

The past 2 years have been a reminder of how resilient we can be, and of how important connection is. Wedding albums can be the reminder you need when you go through challenging times. Marriage is not something that signify’s the beginnings of total utopian bliss. Rather, your vows to one another are promises to build through times of uncertainty, pain, and struggle. You will no doubt face many marital challenges, some harder than others, sitting down with one another as you scroll through the moments of your wedding day will help drown out the noise, and anger, reminding you of the love & respect you have for each-other.
Your album is more than just a book of photos, it is a healer, a calming force that opens up the dialogue, commencing the process of growth and healing.

Reason 4

We live in a world of things. Media, and the moments we share through platforms that host them, change so fast that our memories of last week become a blur let alone the memories of our most special days long past. Tangible assets, things we can touch and feel, are more important now than ever before. To feel as part of the human experience. Every couple we shoot receives over 500 images from their wedding day, maybe 3 of them end up on their walls, the rest are viewed through digital applications and forgotten about as the days progress. Ladies & gents, your love story is so much more intricate than 3 framed pictures.
Think of it this way: Your house is on fire with 10’s of thousands in material purchases left inside, as you flee your home with just enough time to grab one thing you spot your wedding album next to your big screen TV. What do you grab? Memories are priceless.

Reason 5

Your album will always bring you love & joy! Investments that don’t seem to fulfil a want can seem scary. You buy new clothes because you need to stay warm, you buy food because you need to eat, but what do you buy an album for? It’s the intangibilities of life that we neglect as we grow into wisdom. When you find yourself close to death will it be the things, or short term satisfactions you collect that flood your mind? I don’t think so.
The moment you laid eyes on someone you love, the scary feeling of committing to those words “Till death do us part,” or seeing your child opening their eyes to the world you have brought them into. These priceless moments are what you will remember. A wedding album is not a thing you enjoy briefly before it bores you, it is a constant reminder of the intangible feelings, and moments you share with your soulmate.

4 huge benefits of purchasing through your story teller (aka your photographer)

Now that wedding albums are on your mind, I want to share some thoughts on why you should have your album curated by a professional photographer.

  1. So your wedding day is over and your head & heart are buzzing from the commitment you just made. Really, weddings are a euphoric experience that resonates with you for weeks to come. You decide to start working on a wedding album… it hits you just how time consuming this will be. When a task is intimidating, the natural human reaction is procrastination. Your wedding album goes from taking weeks to complete, to months, years and even decades!
  2. Your photographer has the know how and expertise to tell your story in a way that flows, and feels natural. A wedding photographers job title should really be ‘visual story-teller.’ Not to mention the access a professional photographer has to world class print shops, and album suppliers, is something you won’t be privy to.
  3. The guarantees. There are thousands of print shops that will put together an album for you, and some of the them will look great, but how long will they last? The print shops who dedicate their business to professional photographers are able to guarantee their products will last. Your wedding album could be sitting in the hands of your grand daughter as she prepares for her wedding day. That’s quality worth investing in!
  4. Take hassle out of the equation! Frustrating tasks can often lead to a negative association with the outcome. Why risk hating your album? Outsource the creative part to your photographer and focus on feeling joy every-time you turn the pages over a glass of wine and some xx with your partner.

A gift from us to you

Without a doubt, we believe that investing in a wedding album will bring you more long lasting reward than anything else included in your wedding budget. So… we want to help you out!
If you haven’t booked your wedding photographer yet, and you plan to get in touch with Matty & I, quote this blog title and we will discount your album by 40%! And.. if you are after an album for your parents, we will discount any additional albums by 50%.
That’s how strongly we believe you need a wedding album in your life!

Much Love,
Matty & Jacques

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