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Planning to get married can be stressful, with much of the focus centred around the Ceremony and Reception, but what about the time slot pre-ceremony? If you have never been a part of ‘the wedding party’ before, then you probably wouldn’t realise how amazing an opportunity the preparation phase of your wedding day is.This is […]

These days traditional weddings seem less popular than the more relaxed alternatives, but your wedding is not for the consideration of others. This is your day! And, your wedding should be exactly the way you picture it!There is something magical about a traditional wedding: classy, sophisticated, and oozing a sense of old world style. The […]

Your wedding day plan

It’s highly likely that if your reading this blog post you share two things in common: you are about to get married (congrats!! This is amazing news) and you haven’t a single clue where to begin when it comes to event planning!That’s ok! Guess what? The majority of couples planning a wedding share the same […]

Planning a wedding can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t end with the last dance. Where you spend your first night as a married couple can be just as hard a decision as picking the right venue. If you are a romantic in search of the perfect venue to create the atmosphere of love, […]

Your wedding day is likely going to be one of your top 5 most memorable moments of your life! Yes! I totally understand that your wedding day is also a financial investment, and you likely have a budget which needs to be followed. The beauty of a budget is that you choose how to allocate […]